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TyBin was introduced during the 'Reinigingsdemodagen 2011' in Lelystad, the Netherlands.



The TyBin has been used during the crowning of our new king in Amsterdam.



The Tybin goes international. Many are being used in Belgium.




New: The TyBin - a multifunctional waste bin/bag with advertisement space including an integrated system to attach it, to keep it open and to close it.



The TyBin is a waste bag, that has been designed specifically for use during outdoor events. As the bags are always open during use rubbish can be disposed of easily. When the bag is full it can be completely closed by pulling on the integrated belt until the opening is too small for rubbish to fall out.


The TyBin is supplied with the integrated belt system, a tywrap and sticker.


By using the TyBin during events money (and time) can be saved by the organisation as no (or much less) mini containers need to be rented, transported and cleaned. The rubbish stays in the TyBin as it can be closed by the belt system.


The TyBin is for a large part made from recycled plastic. Rest products of the production are collected and re-used again.


A patent for the TyBin is pending, the patent number will be 2006509.



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The rubbish that usually ends up on the streets during certain outside events can easily be collected in a TyBin. As a full TyBin can be completely closed by pulling the belt tightly, no rubbish can fall out. 
















The TyBin can also be used to separate the rubbish at the point of disposal. Using different colours of bags or stickers can make it clear to the public what kind of rubbish should be disposed of in which bag.