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TyBin was introduced during the 'Reinigingsdemodagen 2011' in Lelystad, the Netherlands.


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The TyBin has been used during the crowning of our new king in Amsterdam.


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The Tybin goes international. Many are being used in Belgium.




Save time and money:

• The TyBin replaces minicontainers for your (outdoor) event. No transport is required of empty containers, no costs anymore for cleaning them and no risc for vandalism.

•A TyBin can be printed with advertisments in all colours, sizes and logo's. This is ideal to promote and display a logo of a sponsor on many places during the event.


Ease of Use:

• The TyBin is a complete systeem; waste bag with built-in belt and tywrap, lightweight, ready for use with no required preparation.

• The TyBin has a large volume of up to 300 litres, various sizes and applications.

• As the bag is open during use, it can be used single handedly and simple.

• The TyBin can be easily attached on horizontal bars or vertical poles with the tywrap (inlcuded).

• After use the TyBin can be released by cutting the tywrap.


The Environment:

• No rubbish on the ground after use; by pulling the belt thight after use the bag closes completely.

• A full and closed TyBin is ready for transport to be recycled or for waste disposal.

• A TyBin is supplied empty, so little volume is required during transport. The plastic belt is made from recycled material, de bag is made from LDPE and the bags are assembled in the EU. The effect on the environment due to the transport and production of the TyBin is minimal.

• Separation of different kinds of waste is possible; blue bags for paper, orange for plastic and grey for the rest.



A standard TyBin makes use of a clear (see through) bag, making it a safe and effective waste bag. The TyBin can be supplied in many different colours, if required.


The TyBin is thι unlimited waste collecting device for all events


• Patent number 2006509


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The rubbish that usually ends up on the streets during certain outside events can easily be collected in a TyBin. As a full TyBin can be completely closed by pulling the belt tightly, no rubbish can fall out. 
















The TyBin can also be used to separate the rubbish at the point of disposal. Using different colours of bags or stickers can make it clear to the public what kind of rubbish should be disposed of in which bag.